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Life is full of many obstacles. We never know where we are going and many times we have many questions. We are never sure what is expected of us and not sure what the final product of our life will hold for us. However, as we turn to the Lord we can find our selves in a life that can be full of added peace as we go through our life. Months before going  on my mission, I was worried, lost, confused and just struggling to think that I would fully be an instrument for the Lord. I had lots of concerns and I just didn’t understand how everything would pan out. However, I loved my Lord and I knew that if I turned to him that he would help me. The night before I entered the Missionary Training Center, I got the opportunity to go to the Temple in Salt Lake City with my family. Walking around there, I was given the peace that I needed. Before that night, I was praying that the Lord will help me. I prayed for his strength and I prayed to have his guidance for me. Walking around with my family, I felt the peace that everything would be ok and that the Lord would be there for me. 

The first time I ever got to feel true peace from the Lord came to me as a freshmen in high school. My uncle had just died in Iraq and I was lost. My uncle was my role model, the person that I turned to for many things. When he died, my life was flipped upside down. I had to find the strength that I needed from my savior. My savior gave me feeling of peace one day while running. I went for a run and just ran out every emotion that was going on for me. Peace came while I crying on the side of the road.

The Lord knows who we are and he knows what we need at the certain moments of our life. Today while reading from the scriptures I realized that the Lord will answer our prayers when we are sincere. When we pray with true interest and truly wanting the peace in our life, our Heavenly Father will answer those prayers for us.  


About rileyfrazier

I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am currently in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. Being a missionary has been a huge blessing for me and I am grateful to have the chance to share a message about Jesus Christ to others. I am from Washington State and I went to college in Montana. I was blessed with the privilege of being a college athlete in Cross Country and Track and Field. Running is my favorite thing to do. I am bit of hipster and like to have a loud crazy life. View all posts by rileyfrazier

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