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Build On A Firm Foundation


We need to build your lives on a sure foundation. Like a house, we need to build our temples on a foundation that will support us and keep us steady. If we build upon Christ, we will never fall. We will be able to stand strong when temptations and storms come upon us to knock us off our course. When we build our foundation on Christ, its is as if we are building our life on an rock. The rock will not move and will strong. However, when we don’t build on a rock, it is as if we are building our life upon sand. If we build on this foundation, when the winds, rains, and storms come our way, we won’t be able stay upright. Instead, it will be washed away. I know that if we build our life on Christ, we will stand strong, tall, and will not be moved!

And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation (Helaman 5:12)


Deserved Love



God is always there to help guide and direct you. God is the only person that wont tell you that you are not good enough for anything. He loves and you are are always worthy of his grace. Jesus Christ died for us so that we can have the opportunity to repent of the sins that we have committed.  When we repent, we are forgiven! Through the Savior, we can feel the Father’s love for us and we can feel that we really do matter. 

Fly Away


I have troubles with letting people in. I always have. I figured that
it’s best not to let people in. Mainly because of my past. I am the most open person but when it
comes to my personal life, I’m guarded. I figure that I always have to
be a strong person cause that’s what everyone sees me as. In my mind,
I have to be the one that helps others and not myself. I’ve come to
realize though, problems don’t go away. They stay there and continue
to haunt you. They are always there just waiting for you to be smacked
in the face with them. These over piling of problems cause stress,
depression, and disappointment. However, letting go is a freeing
expression. The Savior, Jesus Christ, is there to help us let go. With
the Savior’s help, our problems can be like a balloon going into the
sky. Free, careless, and gone! There is no more joy than being
able to have these burdens lifted off of us. All we have to do is ask.
We have seek the guidance from our Heavenly Father through prayer. As
we ask, we are putting our faith and trust in The Lord. Then we can
come to find true joy in our life. We will come to learn that we are
never alone. There is always someone who will be there in those times
where the burdens get too heavy to carry. Then like a balloon, we will
fly away.

Grow Where You Are Planted



There are times where I feel that I don’t want be in the same situation anymore. There are times where I don’t want to have the responsibilities that I do have. I want to have change. However, I am learning that we are given experiences for a reason. Heavenly Father has put us in the place for a certain reason. There are lessons that we are suppose to learn from where we are. At times, we feel that the “grass is greener on the other side”. We want what others have. However, we have been placed here for a reason. There are things that God needs us learn. When we change our heart and look at things from a different perspective, we come to see why Heavenly Father has put us in the situation that we are in. 

Happiness in Harsh Weather

Its cold outside, Florida’s winter has begun. Which means a lot of
rain is upon us. Southern downpours are no laughing matters. They are
massive and usually never stop. Coldness usually puts me in a negative
mood. I hate being cold, however, joy can be found through our work.
Elder Collins and I get to find true happiness among all of this
bitterness outside. Its in teaching. Its in the laughter in the car
rides from one place to another. Its in amazing people that we get to
meet on a day to day basis. We get the joy of doing one of the hardest
things of all time: sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, joy
was found in a ten year old boy: Caline. A boy who has experienced so
much hardship in his life already. One who I secretly pray will be
outside playing whenever we are on his street because my heart goes
out to him. A ten year old who just wants to be happy and have a
better life. Yesterday, Elder Collins and I got the joy of seeing him.
To calm him down from a bad day at school. We started contacting
another man and Caline just came out running to us like he was the
luckiest kid ever. He has the biggest smile on his face as he yells
Mr. Frazier, Mr. Frazier. He always seems to amazes me on how grateful
he is just to talk to us for ten minutes. A boy just wanting to be
loved. I chuckle when he says he has lost his Book of Mormon in his
bedroom. It’s there, just not sure where. If it’s anything like my
room at age ten, then it’ll be found under a pile of clothes,toys, or
a combination of the two. He is a boy that just needs someone to
listen to him. To give a few minutes to let him be heard. Its hard
because I want to, so bad, just have the chance to teach him
everything cause I know he’ll understand. In fact he can tell you all
about Joseph Smith. He knows who is, what he did, and why he is so
important. So instead, we found joy in just letting him know that God
loves him, even in the hardships and he does. There isn’t a person on
the this earth that God doesn’t love. In these cold, nasty days, I get
the joy of finding true happiness in the work I am doing. Like Caline,
life is good, so very good. I know that my happiness is only found
because I am able to serve others and my Savior.

“If you are humble and obedient and hearken to the voice of the
Spirit, you will find great happiness in your service as a
missionary.” (Called of Him to Declare His Word, Elder Randy D. Funk)