Fly Away


I have troubles with letting people in. I always have. I figured that
it’s best not to let people in. Mainly because of my past. I am the most open person but when it
comes to my personal life, I’m guarded. I figure that I always have to
be a strong person cause that’s what everyone sees me as. In my mind,
I have to be the one that helps others and not myself. I’ve come to
realize though, problems don’t go away. They stay there and continue
to haunt you. They are always there just waiting for you to be smacked
in the face with them. These over piling of problems cause stress,
depression, and disappointment. However, letting go is a freeing
expression. The Savior, Jesus Christ, is there to help us let go. With
the Savior’s help, our problems can be like a balloon going into the
sky. Free, careless, and gone! There is no more joy than being
able to have these burdens lifted off of us. All we have to do is ask.
We have seek the guidance from our Heavenly Father through prayer. As
we ask, we are putting our faith and trust in The Lord. Then we can
come to find true joy in our life. We will come to learn that we are
never alone. There is always someone who will be there in those times
where the burdens get too heavy to carry. Then like a balloon, we will
fly away.


About rileyfrazier

I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am currently in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. Being a missionary has been a huge blessing for me and I am grateful to have the chance to share a message about Jesus Christ to others. I am from Washington State and I went to college in Montana. I was blessed with the privilege of being a college athlete in Cross Country and Track and Field. Running is my favorite thing to do. I am bit of hipster and like to have a loud crazy life. View all posts by rileyfrazier

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