Monthly Archives: April 2015

Things Come in Disguise

I think its human nature for us to be ungrateful for the things that we have in life. Its part of who we are to want more than we have and not fully care for the little things that are given to us. I realized this this past week as I found myself ungrateful for the things in my life. I found myself upset with how my life was going and where I was at in life. Which is a sad thing to say. Sometimes, we have to stop and take a look at our life in a different angle to see all of the good that is given to each of us. I really hate the town of Prosser. I have never been grateful of this small little town. I have blamed it as the place where all my problems in life exist. However, while at a JV Baseball game. I came to realize how good Prosser was for growing up. I had such great opportunities that no other town could have given. Coming back to this place after living in the blessed Florida for two years has not been easy. I have found my self avoiding everyone here. I have hid from the world of Prosser so that I didn’t have to show myself to this town. However, I realize how terrible that is. Being back in Prosser, is where the Lord has needed me to be. Being home has been good. I realized how lucky I am to be in this place. I get the blessing of going to the temple twice a week or even more. Its literally just down the road from where I lived. Living twenty minutes away from the house of the Lord has been a major blessing that I wasn’t fully grateful for. While sitting and watching movies with my family this week, I realized that I haven’t had my mom and Raphael to myself in my whole life. This is the first time that it has just been me at home. How grateful I am to be able to get to know them even more. They truly have done so much for me. Lastly, I realized how grateful that the Lord has given me such a great friend here in Prosser: Evan Jensen. Though I’m suppose to be helping him, I find that he is helping me more. What a blessing it has been to have a friend here in this town. He has got me out to do many things and given me the chance to help another once again. He has made me so proud as I have gotten to watch so much progression take place in just the six weeks that I have been home. Being able to go to the temple with him this past week was so humbling. I might not have all the things that I want in life right now. I might not be living the glamours life like others but I have so much to be thankful for right now. The Lord has answered my endless prayers in ways that I couldn’t of even thought of. Its truly a great  to just sit back and to count the endless blessing that have been given to me. Blessings are truly given to us in ways that we don’t always accept or think of.  They come each day. We just have to look at times to see them.