How To Do Social Media Marketing

The world of retail, as we once knew it, has been dying. Traditional marketing tactics for a business are no longer working. The biggest questions that retailers and marketers are having to ask is how to get interaction now with consumers and how to get more sales? Research has shown that consumers need to have seven positive touch points in order to make a purchase. But, how does one do that while retailing is dying? The answer is simple: digital content marketing.

Digital content marketing is creating content online that is engaging and compelling. This can be done through social media, videos, or blogs linked to one’s website. Allowing for consumers to see more content from the comfort of their phones and to share it with the world. Sounds simple but each component of content marketing can be broken down and expanded upon. This particular article will focus on the social media aspect. This article will teach how to do social media marketing.

6 basic steps of social media marketing

The first aspect of social media marketing is to do research. Like all marketing channels, research on the consumer needs to be conducted. Figure out all aspects of the target market and figure out what platforms they interact on. Figuring out who the target market is will also help to create strategies for campaigns and content that will be more successful. Research the competition as well. See what they are doing good at and see where your business could do better at. Copycat will never be successful and will always leave your business one step behind. Research allows for you to have the upper hand.

Social Media Channels

Second, create social media channels and continue to build them. Building platforms takes time. They will not happen overnight and need to be watched over. Rather, social media channels are like a garden. Channels get out what you put into them. Make sure to also only create channels that will be profitable, meaning set up channels that the target market uses. If your selling insurance and you are trying to get older Generation X, Instagram is probably not the best platform to create if they don’t use it all. It would be a waste of time to create platforms that would not profit your company anything.

Contaious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Third, create compelling content that the target market will want to engage with. In the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger, talks about how to create compelling content that will go viral. Berger discusses how it’s better for a business to focus on making good content rather than trying to make content that will just go viral. Creating good content will have a longer lasting impression for the company because the content will be able to back up the company.

Compelling content has a larger aspect of being sharable as well. Getting more shares is the best aspect of content because it will be able to have more exposure because of word of mouth is the most effective way of getting new consumers.

Compelling content is also content that will showcase who the business really is. Allow it to showcase the business’ vibe and personality. Making sure content is authentic and original has proven to be the most successful online. People know when things are fake and don’t like it. Use real life photos that showcase the products and people of the business. Compelling content is truly real and people want to see that.

The forth aspect of social media is disturbing text, video, photo, and audio content on social media. Understand that each platform works different. Create content that will match the platform and that the consumer will like. Utilizing branding will allow for different approaches to be utilized on different platforms.

Photo on top is for Instagram and photo on the bottom is photo for Facebook. Both are part of the same campaign but different apporach is used. Branding helps to tie both platforms and photos together

Each platform works different and different sizing is needed for content on each platform. For example, if a photo is being uploaded to Instagram as a landscape, then it will need to be 1080 X 566. If a portrait photo is being uploaded to Instagram, then it needs to be 1080 X 1350. These different measurments for the photos will allow the photos to be seen best on different modes of the channels (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Understanding how to upload the content will help to give the best results for the social media marketing.

However, don’t just stick to one source of content. Utilizing different forms of media will help to bring more success. If a business only shows photos, switch it up and post a short video every now and then. This will be a nice change up for consumers. People get bored seeing the same thing everytime. Switch it up and keep them engaged with the content that is being shared.

Fifth is to engage in social media discussions. The whole aspect of social media is to engage with one another. Creating content that creates discussion and conversion will give more touch points and allow for larger exposure. Social media is also a great way for consumers to gain more information. Asking questions and getting feedback is also a great away to interact with the consumer.

Lastly, evaluate and analyse the results. Social media marketing is a lot of trail and error. Try different things and see if it worked. Keep track of what was successful or what wasn’t and, then figure what can be improved on. Use the results from each campaign to find out how to improve and get better. Something might work one time and not work the next time.

Each social media platform has an analytical section to it for businesses. Utilize this to see the performance of KPIs and how to improve your efforts. See what the top posts and worst posts of each campaign are and utilize the analytics to make future campaigns be more successful.

Social media marketing is relatively new and can be used as a way to get consumers more touch points with your business. Currently, it is being used to get millennials more involved as the retail world is dying. These six principles will help a business to have more success online. Remember to have fun and try new things. Showcase your business as it truly is.


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