I was blessed to begin this blog while I was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. I have recently returned from my mission and I am back to living in the real world. This blog shows the growth and lessons that I learned throughout my mission and I choose to continue it to reflect the things that I will learn as I continue on with life.

This blog is all about the Savior’s Love. Its all about how we can find the Savior’s love in our life and how it can benefit each of us. Throughout my life, I have struggled to know if the Savior really loved me for who I am. I even questioned if there was a Savior for a time too. So this blog is a collection of the events of my life as well as the miracles that I encountered throughout my mission. Throughout this page, I will also be getting others to help me write this. There will be guest bloggers that will show how the Savior’s love has helped them in their own lives. My goal for this blog is to help others see that there is someone out there for them at all times.

I know that each one of us has a loving Heavenly Father that sent his son for each of us. I know that the Savior died for each of us individually so that we could have the chance to turn to someone in those troubling times of life.  If you have any questions on anything gospel, feel free to message me or comment on my post. I look forward to helping anyone.

-Riley James Frazier



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