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My Toms


Today, a lady at school told me I should consider getting new shoes because they are covered in paint and have holes in the heel as well in the toe. At first, I was rather irate with this lady as I was thinking she doesn’t even know the story that this pair of shoes and I have made.

These shoes are the first Toms I ever bought. The purchase was made in Missoula, Montana on get away trip with Hayley Harned our junior year of college. They’ve literally gone everywhere with me. They started as my lazy shoe to wear school and work so I didn’t have to wear socks, which I hate, or lace my shoes. They became my bus shoe as we would travel almost every weekend to a meet in Track and Cross Country. They have traveled all over the state of Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Utah to be there before and after the race. They have walked through loads of snow in the cold Montana days. In the summer, they went to Glacier National Park to see hidden lake and Yellowstone Nation Park so I could see a moose. They went on a New Orleans trip to build homes for Katrina victims and walked up and down the poor streets. They got their white paint from Selena Spees throwing paint at me while we were suppose to be working. They’ve been to Soup Kitchens in New Orleans, Washington, and Oregon.

They traveled back home to Washington and became my go to church shoe before my mission. They were there to help me work and save money to get ready for a mission. They saw me after many pool workouts when getting injured. They climbed Mount Rainer and Mount Hood. They’ve long-boarded down massive hills of the Tri-cities and Prosser.

I choose to take them on my mission where they become the most use. In Georgia, they helped find millions of bricks in the Corbits yard. They helped the Corbits build a deck and cleaned many yards. They were there to help build a fence for the West family even though Diane thought they were ridiculous.  On my mission, they were there to be my relief. After a hard day of work, I could slip these shoes on and take my troubles away. They helped me transition out of the world as I still had a piece of me.

Moving to Jacksonville, these shoes have rakedtheir fare share of leaves! There were two weeks sold were they were used to rake massive amounts of leaves for many people. They’ve fished off the docks of Beth and Kendall Williams and ran through the fields of Arlington. They obtained the teal paint from painting for BriAna McGhee, my favorite part. She finally let James Collins and I do something for her and we had just a little too much fun. They got the white paint from painting in Hendricks. They smelled up the car and had to be placed in the trunk in Hendricks and planted flowers for Jim Colney.

In Chiefland, these shoes saw manual labor as they helped dig ditches and feed livestock. They raked the grass of the Gibs and pulled weeds for an Irish couple. In St Johns, they became my doctor shoe as they saw many doctors regarding my tendon.

Coming home from my mission, these shoes have climbed Mount Rainer with my mom, watered the Jensen’s lawn, and feed sheep for the Holdens. They’ve been in the kayak on the Yakima River and the Columbia. They’ve been my adventure buddy. Recently, they been my shoe to feed the homeless in Salt Lake and a reminder of the adventures I’ve had. Four weeks ago, they hiked the Y in Provo. These Toms have literally been everywhere with me and will continue to see a lot of life. They are there to ride my Penny board down the hills of Orem and Provo. We’ve had a good five years! So to that lady, I’ll continue to keep my “ugly” worn Toms that let my big toe hang out.





Spiritual Taps

It’s almost spring time. How I love spring time. As February approaches, I am reminded of countless efforts put into running. February is always the start of a new season. Countless days of working hard into workouts all for the rush of being able to line up on the line, to have my heart flutter till a gun is sounded and then I am off to race across a glorious track. It’s almost track season and it is by far my most favorite time of the year. I can still smell the beautiful smell of the track or a fresh pair of new Nike spikes. Even the gross smell of salt from runs that have taken too long. Time after time, I am reminded of what makes me who I am. Every morning, here in Arlington, I see people out running. Every morning, I am reminded of my passion of life. How I yearn to have that ability. How I just want the chance to do it all over again. To get the opportunity to have it all back. However, every morning I am reminded that those days are gone. That I won’t get to compete again. I am reminded of how it all came to a stop in the blink of an eye. January reminds me of how two years ago I sat in a doctors office being told that I would never get the chance to run the way I wanted to anymore. How I would have to learn how to adjust to a new life style. There are days where I don’t feel that my body is really mine. There are days where I just want to get to a new one. Where I am sick and tired of waking up in pain. I just want it all to stop. I want to still have my active life back and not be afraid to run around for a long period of times. Those days are tough but then I am spiritually confirmed of reasons why I am given this trial. My spirit taps my soul to tell me of spiritual strength I have been given. I am reminded that our Father in Heaven will never gives us a trial that is too hard to bare. Those spiritual confirmations help give me the strength to press on. They give me the strength to laugh through the hard times. My spirit helps to look at spring time with much anticipation that this next season will be alright. Each morning that I wake up that I don’t feel that I can do it no longer, I am given strength through Jesus Christ. This atonement is one that I am contently having to draw strength to continue on. To help me put my head up high and place a smile on my face.    

“The Lord gives us ways to help remember Him and His sustaining powers. One way is through that common lot we all share–adversity (see Alma 32:6). As I look back at the trials I have faced, it is clear that they have resulted in my growth, understanding, and empathy. They have drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father and His Son with experiences and refining engraved into my heart.”(Drawing Closer to God, Elder Terence M. Vinson)


Tactfully Made


We don’t like trials. We never like when things get tough or hard for us. However, the tough times help shape us into the person that we are.  They allow for us to learn and grow. Heavenly Father gives us trials for our benefits. The trials that we are given are to help us become the people that we need to become. If we look at trials from an eternal perspective, we can see that the trials that we are given are to help us in what we are to become. If we look at trials as a way of becoming who we are, we can build a stronger trust for our Heavenly Father and we can make it through them with help.

God Is There


There are times where everything seems to be going wrong. That nothing works out the way that we want it to. The phrase that comes to mind is that “When it rains, its pours” and it becomes a downward cycle. Everything falls through and we just don’t know that is going on in life. However, there is someone that we can always count on. We have a loving Heavenly Father that will be there to help us through all the trials that we face in life. Even if we feel that we have no one in life to be there or that we cant count on any one, there is always someone there that will be there for us. So if at times you feel that you only have God on your side, then you are doing good. All you need is your Heavenly father to be there for you. Our Heavenly Father is the only approval we need in our life. As we turn to him, he will help us through whatever problems we have. The Lord is there to help get through the rough times.



Never Lose Faith in His Love

This week I had the privilege of hearing the words of the prophet and the apostles speak to the world in General Conference. This is where the leaders of our church prepare talks by inspiration from the Lord. None of them are given a topic and each have to pray on what they need to say to us. In Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk, he said one of the most profound quotes that really touched me. He said, “Above all, Never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend.” This statement hit me hard as it is so true!  If we think about it, our Heavenly Father loves each us more than ever before. The scriptures tell us that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that who so ever believe in him might have everlasting love (John 3:16). That is such a powerful statement as we can never begin to imagine how much he really loves us. He loves us so much that he was willing to have his son die for us and even more if we think about. I think about God’s love when we are at the lowest of my life. I could only imagine how painful it must be for us when we sin. It must hurt God each day to see us rebel against him and yet he will never deny us or turn his back on us. God is there for us, all we need to do is turn to him. Going back to the quote from Elder Jeffery R. Holland, as I heard him say this, I had to reflect on my life.       


Terrible things happen and the first person to be blamed is God. Instead of looking at the hard times as a blessing, I blame God for it. I allow for my faith to alter when really, I should be clinging to the Lord. I have been learning that in these troubling times, I need to drop to my knees!! God’s love will never leave us and we need to remember it. We need to allow for these trouble times to increase our faith. This week, I studied the story of Job in the Bible and I couldn’t imagine the faith that he had to have. He literally lost everything and yet he didn’t let his faith alter. He knew the love this Father had for him. 

Love is worth the Wait


Many times in our life, we feel that love should just be something given to us. That we should have it for on apparent reason. However, everyone knows that all good things take time. All things are worth the wait. Sometimes we feel that the Savior is not for us and that we don’t have his love for us because things are not all ways panning out the way we want it to. Even though he always love us and is always there for us, it can be hard for us to know that his love is there for us. Not every time and every moment of our life do we feel that love that he has for us. However, my best advice is to wait. There is an excellent talk that tells us how we can feel the Savior’s love in time.  The Talk is titled “Love Takes Time” by  Marvin J. Ashton and can be found at http://www.lds.org/general-conference/1975/10/love-takes-time?lang=eng&query=love. As we take the time and press forward, we can have that love that we are searching for in our life. We just have to wait out the storm just a little bit longer. The Savior’s hands are always stretched out for benefit!