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Worthy Not Perfect

The need to be perfect in all aspects of my life is a major problem that I have. My competitive nature doesn’t help either but instead adds to having to be perfect and better than those around me. On my mission, I came to realize that this was a bad thing, especially when comparing to myself. My mission president, President Paul Craig, use to always tell me to stop beating myself up for falling short from being perfect. We spent a large amount of time over coming my perfection and realizing that I am going to fall short from the grace of God. He taught me that the Savior Jesus Christ would be the one to help make up the difference of my imperfection. Though it makes sense and something I always want to do, it is the hardest thing for me to do. It’s hard for me not to beat myself daily or weekly for not being perfect. There is always something that I should have done better and something that keeps me from being perfect.

Lately, I’ve been taking an institute class at UVU in which Brother Longmoore teaches us daily to give it all to Christ. Last week he taught us ways to allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us and to trust in the Lord’s grace. Brother Longmoore has been truly inspired as a teacher because I’ve realized that it’s a terrible thing to beat ourselves up for living the gospel. He tells us that the good news should be enjoyable and we should get credit for the great things we do. Last week, he taught us that sin is not sin. Sin is just a mistake and a chance to learn, grow, and become a better person. It’s an opportunity to come closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven.

Going into General Conference this past weekend, I wanted to know how to not beat myself up daily anymore. I wanted to know how I could trust in the Lord more and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ more in my life. (Side note, this conference was a special one for me as I got to attend it in the flesh for the first time!) However, conference taught me that it is ok not to be perfect. God still loves us for not being perfect. He is proud of the progress we make daily and he is there at all times. He is grateful that we want to be better and have him in our lives.


Elder Gong of the seventy taught that being worthy is not perfect. Rather being worthy is striving daily to keep the covenants we made with the Lord. Being worthy is willing to change and allow the Savior to be apart of our change. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for the mistakes we make like I do. So the past few week have been eye-opening to me. Its going to be hard but rather than tearing myself apart each night and Sunday, I’m going to work on forgiving myself and letting the Savior take over my insecurities. I’m going to work on my problems and let others help me more. I have a strong desire to be better person to myself and those around me. I might not be perfect but thats ok. I have a God who knows and loves me. I have a Savior who died for my sins and is there to hold me up and wrap his arms around me. I have an amazing family who loves me and looks past my faults. I have so many amazing leaders that teach me ways to be better. I have the best roommates who help me laugh at life’s ups and downs. I have so many great friends who teach me through their examples of what it is like to be disciples of Christ. Moving forward, life is going to be good and in time, I will overcome my shortcommings. Yoked with the Savior, I will be perfect one day.

For Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s full talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04/media/session_5_talk_4/4829550348001?lang=eng





This Slope is Treacherous

Throughout life, I’ve come to learn that God just doesn’t want you to be comfortable. This seems to be a reoccurring theme of life it seems. They say that there is absolutely no growth in the comfortable zone, though at times it would be nice to have just a moment of comfort. It seems that the moment one becomes comfortable, then we have to get ready because another twist is brought into the equation and once again we find ourselves climbing another mountain.

One of the things that I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ is the aspect of keeping an eternal progression. As we strive for perfection and for eternal progression, we have to grow to be there. That is one of the reasons why we are placed on this earth, to grow. Growth always seems daunting. In the beginning of the growth stage, its rather challenging. We look at the mountain and wonder, are we ever going to make it up? Is the top really a tangible object? However, as we put our chin up and charge the mountain we receive the greatest reward.


Currently, my life has entered into yet another growing stage. About a week ago, I was sitting across the table at red robin with my friend Evan and I finally felt for the first time in two months that I was ok with being home. With the help of Evan, I was able to climb one of the hardest mountains I’ve ever climbed: Adjusting to Real Life. This montain is one that I feel that I’m still climbing but I was able to make it to a check point the other day. So like all great mountains, I said goodbye to my friend as he returned to serve the Lord for two years. My amazing friend who was there to hear me out. Who was there when I needed him the most. I truly believe that he was home these past few months to help me grow. God knew that I needed his help. Now, I’ve come to a point where sadly, I need to climb the mountain without his help as he has own new mountain to climb.

Like all mountains, the slopes are never the best part. They’re rough, tough, and treacherous. All mountains are placed for the greater good and while we are getting to those slopes, we just have to hold on to hope and love of God. We have to trust him that they are for the greater good.


Letting Go


Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I think about you and wonder what life would be like with you here. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if you choose to be apart of my life like fathers do. I look in the mirror and wonder what part of me is you. I imagine my big blue eyes come from you or perhaps my jaw line. I think of all the things we could have done like fathers do.

I wonder if you’d be proud of the person I’ve became. I wonder if you’d be proud to say that you were glad to call me son like fathers do. I imagine you would have been grateful to know I went and got an education or even took the family name to places it’s never been before. How you would have been when I won a race or even got an a in school like fathers do.

Sometimes I wonder what our father campouts would have been like. Would we have had a nice tent that actually stayed up through the night? What it would have been like to not share a tent or be the third wheel to another’s moment to grow closer. I often think I would have perhaps made it through the scouting program if you were here to help me earn a badge like fathers do.

I wonder why you choose to leave and not have any part of me. I wonder what was great in your life that caused you to do something that other fathers do. I think of all the struggles that came from my mom trying to do her best but just couldn’t give what fathers do. I think of all the tears in the mirror knowing you choose to leave. Yet I don’t have a picture to call you by face but sometimes I wonder what you be like.

Sometimes I wonder if I can can ever solve this creator you caused. Sometimes I think I’d be better off with you in my life. I don’t know what life would be like if you were here to do what fathers do. However, your not and I must continue on ward in this life. I have to hold my head held high and let you go like my father did.

I wonder if you think about me. If you want to be apart of my life like fathers do. I wonder if I ever play a part in your life at all. I wonder if you look in the mirror and try to see what part of you is me. If you ever have a desire to do what fathers do. I wonder if you ever want that chance to have me in your life at all.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever loose sleep thinking about me. I wonder if you ever want to even know my face. If you want to know what I’ve chosen to make out of my life. I tell myself you think about me and even say a prayer for my name like fathers do.

I wonder if I’ll really stop thinking about you. If I’ll just realize that your never going to be around like fathers do. I come to learn what not to do. I’ve learned how not to replay the cycle. I know your gone and that’s ok. You’ll never here and I’ve come to be ok with that. For whatever reason you left is yours but as for me, I know now how to find joy with out. Just sometimes I wonder….


As I face my problems, I am learning to let go of the things that hold me back in life. I am learning to give everything up that I hold deep inside me. I’m hoping to let things go and to give it all up.

What is Love?

What is Love?

Love, what is this thing that everyone so yearns for? What is this thing that the world needs more of? Everyone is always talking about how they look so hard to find it, and then when they have, they loose it. Does anyone truly know what this thing is?

I began today in a rather different turn than usual. Instead of diving straight into the Book of Mormon, I turned to the topical guide in my bible. There lies a page with the word love on the top. In fact this word appears 217 times in the bible and 41 times in the Book of Mormon. I feel like this word is rather important to say the least. Good old Webster told me that it is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” This made me think of the worldly aspect of love. The love we all wanted to have in high school. The love that is not really love at all but rather is more lust.

Jesus Christ taught that the greatest commandment is to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. And the second is to love thy neighbor as thyself” ( Matthew 22:36-39). We have been told that we must love with all our heart, soul, and mind. I read this as we need to show a deep connection and intense feeling with everything we have towards God and everyone else.

I feel that true love can be defined in the Book of Mormon, and I’m not talking about that love we all thought we had and felt in high school, rather true love that others can see. In Moroni 7:47, it reads, “charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever…” Charity is when we are willing to help those in need. It’s when we show a kindness and tolerance towards others. It is when we give up of our self to give others the chance to have better. Jesus Christ was the best example of this. He allowed himself to give everything he had for the sake of mankind. He died so man can live. This is true love. Looking on the other aspect, God showed his charity to his children by allowing Jesus Christ to die. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). God loved us so much that he gave the greatest thing to all mankind so we could all live with him again.

Love is when we give up ourselves or the thinks that our precious for us so that we can better someone else’s life. Love is sacrifice. My mom is truly an amazing example of this. The love that she has shown me in my life is incredible. She gave up everything she had to make sure her kids were taken care of. She worked two jobs and sacrificed time for me and my sisters. She put so many things on hold because she wanted to make sure her children’s needs were met. Growing up, I felt she didn’t have time for us because I didn’t understand. I didn’t realize that the reason she couldn’t make my soccer game is because she was working harder so I could play soccer. She was working so I could have chances and blessings in life. The many sacrifices she made was pure love.

Many of us feel that we must find love. Some will spend their whole life searching for it and never find it. To these people, I say they are wrong. One must first give a little love in order to gain a little love. Love will find us, we can’t go searching for it. Through our efforts of helping others and living a Christ like life, we can find the love that we all yearn to have in our life. We will find a love that will be eternal.

My Plan to Change the World

I strongly feel that I have two major purposes in this life. One is to
be my sister’s keeper. I am here to look after my little Hailey. To
keep her protected. The second is to change the world. To make this
place a better place than it once was.

In middle school, my history teacher asked us all to make a life goal.
He asked us to ponder on what we wanted our life to be. He proposed
the question of if you could look back at your life when you die, what
one major thing do you to accomplish? Never has a question caused me
to put so much thought and perception in. As we met the following day,
I waited as everyone else took their time to share their answer to the
class. There were many that expressed they wanted to be successful
with lots of money. Others expressed things that dealt with a happy
family. As it became my turn, I stood up and gave my answer: I want to
change the world! Many of my peers began to laugh and ridicule me as
they felt my answer was a joke or unattainable. However, ever since
that day, that has been a driving factor for my life. I want to change
the world! Every thing I have done has been centered on that right
there. Many people to this day still tell me that I am never going to
do such a thing but sadly they don’t realize their lack of faith in me
is a motivation. Many of my friends have come to see my true desire
and have begun to encourage me more to do just that.

As a sophomore in college, my friend Cullen proposed another question
to me: how are you going to do it? That was one question I had never
given much thought to. I had been doing things to help many people but
never did I ever given thought to the plans of going about this goal.
Being in a Catholic college, I was blessed to have the privilege of
being in a religious class. Usually, those classes bored me and I
never paid any attention in them. However, that day, my professor had
us read Matthew 22: 39. “…. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as
thyself.” It hit me that that was how I was going to change the world.
To pay it forward. This world is lacking the love that everyone so
depressingly needs. Plan number one was drawn, to love everyone. To
see others for who they really are and not for how the world sees
them. To give them the unconditional love that their father in heaven
has given. To view people for who they can become and not for who they

As a senior in college, I was feeling very content with myself. I felt
myself lacking much drive. So I named my senior year Humanitarian
Year. I planned to serve others as much as possible and to have at
least one major service project each month. I did all sorts of things
that year: soup kitchens, reading to under privilege children,
building homes in New Orleans for Katrina victims, coaching for the
Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and the list goes on. This
year of service helped me realize my second plan: do service for all.
My heart began to grow deeper as I realized that we need to do our
part to help others. The savior was the greatest example as he gave
serve to all, regardless of who they are. We need to give a little
love if we want to get a little love of our own. The golden rule
always sticks out in heart, “do unto others as you would have the do
unto you.” The greatest way we can show are love for others is to
serve them. When we give service, the world becomes a little bit

After college, I was lost and lacked the direction that I needed in
life. I didn’t know what I wanted and their was a component in my life
that was lacking. I had failed to build up the spiritual aspect of
life. I had failed to give credit to the person that had given me so
much. Coming on my mission, I realized my third plan: to bring others
unto Christ. The greatest blessing one can have is to have a
relationship with their Heavenly Father. As we bring others to Christ,
we are giving them the best thing ever. We are allowing for others to
receive the true happiness, joy, and peace they could ever experience
in this life. Christ has the power to heal all things. We all need to
build that trust in our Savior. As more turn to their creator, their
will be much more love in this world. I realize how important the
worth of souls is to our father. The world needs Christ in order for
it to be changed. Part of coming unto Christ is more than just going
to church each week and saying that you are saved. Rather, its being
able to live your life the way Christ lived his. When we come unto
Christ, we covent with The Lord that we will abide by his precepts and
be a representative of Christ. In order to represent him, we must live
the same way he lived. We need to be humble, meek, submissive, lovely
in heart, willing to mourn with those that mourn, kind, gentle,
loving, and the list goes on. We need to be god fearing people.

I am still creating more plans for how I will change the world. I
realize that it is a gradual process but if we can all do our part,
this world will become a better place. Let us all learn to love
others, to serve others, and bring others unto Christ. Help me change
the world! Help me make this place a better place to live in. As I
have applied these principles, I have seen so much more joy and peace
in others. I know that this place and truly have world peace through
the savior.

True Happiness


It seems in life that no matter where we are headed and where we are going we all have one common goal: we all want to be happy. We all yearn for that desire to be happy with the things we are doing. We all want to have that smile on our face. There is not a soul in the world that can be ok with feeling depressed, lonely, or sad. Granted there are things that each enjoys that others would cause to think are sad. For example, I love the rain. The minute it starts to drizzle my heart skips a beat and I am beyond excited to be in it. Others look at rain as depressing and cold.

The question in life seems more often then none is how can I find more happiness? How can I become happy? These simple but real questions can be found as we study and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ into our lives. Jesus Christ is the source of real happiness. The worldly things in life can only bring a temporary happiness. The affects of the world have one seeking for more happiness because they have an expiration date on them. Once the event has ended so has the happiness in one’s life. Leaving one to be back at square one. However, the gospel of Jesus Christ is different. Our true happiness is found as we apply the teaching of Christ in our life. Life will take on a whole new meaning and one will find a happiness that will last much longer than just a few hours. The happiness that one finds in Christ is a happiness that will last for eternity. Granted there will be trials and hardship but when one exercises their faith and trust in Christ, happiness can still be found in the smaller things of life. Life begins to take on a whole new meaning and one finds them self being able to endure rather than looking for a new source of happiness.

As a 23 year old man, I find the greatest source of happiness to come from the Book of Mormon. As I study the teaching of Jesus Christ, my spirit taps my soul every day to reassure the love of the savior to me. My spirit taps my soul to tell me to smile because I have been given so much. My spirit taps my heart to tell me the things I need so that I can carry on the journey. These spiritual taps give me the happiness I needed in this life. I wouldn’t have these spiritual taps if it wasn’t for the Book of Mormon. It’s the best gift that the Father has given me.

We can all find that source of true happiness in our lives as we take the time to study and then apply the teachings of our savior. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. He is my light in this world and the source of true happiness. May we all be willing to put him in our life


Change for the better (Goodbye Arlington, Hello Hendricks)

In life, there are times where things seem so final. Where we come to the end of a project and it is done. For example, high school graduation. After one walks across that stage and throws their hat in the air, it is done. There will never be that opportunity again. A feeling of completion takes hold and one knows that he or she will never be walking through those doors again with the same purpose or feel. A new change begins as that individual takes on the challenges that life brings to them. As a missionary, I have experienced this feeling of completion multiple times. Recently, I was transferred out of Arlington to Hendricks Ave. As change as taken place, the feeling of finalization took place as I closed a stage of my life. I am grateful for the blessing that I received to be a part of such an amazing place. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to what was my life for a period of time. However, I move forward in faith as I know this change is for the better. Change is essential for our progression. We can not grow if we do not have change. With each new phase, we get the opportunity to grow. We learn new insights about ourselves that we never thought we could know. More importantly, change allows us to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. As we put our trust in him, we get to see the purpose in all things. We get a glimpse of divine purpose, of who we really are.

In my early college days, I use to reject change. I use to hate the thought of new things. I was happy with the way things were and yet I was content. However, I realized that change was needed. I was holding myself back from getting to experience the fullness that change brings with it. Now, I love change. I love the things that change brings with it. It’s like a fresh start each time. Change came to me at a time that I needed it the most. As I move forward in this new area with a new companion, I realize I don’t know what is going to be brought my way. I don’t know what good or bad experiences are in store for me. However, I do know that the Lord has a purpose. That there is a reason for this change. I trust my Heavenly Father will be there with me every step of the way. I embrace this change and hope for the adventures. I look forward to the struggles that will present themselves to me, to help me become a better disciple of Jesus Christ, now and forever. As we go forward in faith, we must accept the change that is given to us. We must acknowledge the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and continue to hold fast to the trust we have in. All things are possible through the Lord. Embrace the change that comes your way.