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Worthy Not Perfect

The need to be perfect in all aspects of my life is a major problem that I have. My competitive nature doesn’t help either but instead adds to having to be perfect and better than those around me. On my mission, I came to realize that this was a bad thing, especially when comparing to myself. My mission president, President Paul Craig, use to always tell me to stop beating myself up for falling short from being perfect. We spent a large amount of time over coming my perfection and realizing that I am going to fall short from the grace of God. He taught me that the Savior Jesus Christ would be the one to help make up the difference of my imperfection. Though it makes sense and something I always want to do, it is the hardest thing for me to do. It’s hard for me not to beat myself daily or weekly for not being perfect. There is always something that I should have done better and something that keeps me from being perfect.

Lately, I’ve been taking an institute class at UVU in which Brother Longmoore teaches us daily to give it all to Christ. Last week he taught us ways to allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us and to trust in the Lord’s grace. Brother Longmoore has been truly inspired as a teacher because I’ve realized that it’s a terrible thing to beat ourselves up for living the gospel. He tells us that the good news should be enjoyable and we should get credit for the great things we do. Last week, he taught us that sin is not sin. Sin is just a mistake and a chance to learn, grow, and become a better person. It’s an opportunity to come closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven.

Going into General Conference this past weekend, I wanted to know how to not beat myself up daily anymore. I wanted to know how I could trust in the Lord more and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ more in my life. (Side note, this conference was a special one for me as I got to attend it in the flesh for the first time!) However, conference taught me that it is ok not to be perfect. God still loves us for not being perfect. He is proud of the progress we make daily and he is there at all times. He is grateful that we want to be better and have him in our lives.


Elder Gong of the seventy taught that being worthy is not perfect. Rather being worthy is striving daily to keep the covenants we made with the Lord. Being worthy is willing to change and allow the Savior to be apart of our change. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for the mistakes we make like I do. So the past few week have been eye-opening to me. Its going to be hard but rather than tearing myself apart each night and Sunday, I’m going to work on forgiving myself and letting the Savior take over my insecurities. I’m going to work on my problems and let others help me more. I have a strong desire to be better person to myself and those around me. I might not be perfect but thats ok. I have a God who knows and loves me. I have a Savior who died for my sins and is there to hold me up and wrap his arms around me. I have an amazing family who loves me and looks past my faults. I have so many amazing leaders that teach me ways to be better. I have the best roommates who help me laugh at life’s ups and downs. I have so many great friends who teach me through their examples of what it is like to be disciples of Christ. Moving forward, life is going to be good and in time, I will overcome my shortcommings. Yoked with the Savior, I will be perfect one day.

For Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s full talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04/media/session_5_talk_4/4829550348001?lang=eng





A Year Of Progress: I love tough things


A year ago today, March 6, 2015, I left the land of Chomping Gators, Screaming Indians, sweet potato eating, southern people of Jacksonville Florida and Southern Georgia. A year ago, I took of my name badge and became a “return missionary”. Going on my mission, I was told that it would be the hardest thing of my whole life however, this past year has taught me that going home has been the hardest thing I have ever done. This weekend, I have taken the time to reflect on all things that has happened to me in just 365 and the person that I have become. The past year has taught and brought me closer to my savior then ever before and I’d like to write about a few ways how.

Coming home with a torn achilles tendon was one of the hardest things ever as I have had to learn how to re-walk and eventually learn how to run again. In a slow progression, I learned how to become whole again. Physically, I got to be healed and restored new. I’ll never forget the look of my mother’s face when I walked out of the doctor’s office in a giant boot. She was so shocked. Months of physical therapy where at times I was discouraged and left thinking I would never get to run again. The atonement of Jesus Christ was there in every aspect and helped me get rid of the fears that lingered in the back of my mind.

Coming home was a mental challenge. All return missionaries experience heart break as they leave the one place that their true love is. Words can’t express how challenging it is to mentally pick up life in a new world after your heart has been shattered. My mission motto was “I love tough things, I am the first to do tough things, I do tough things first.” I can remembering the plane taking off and my heart felt like it was being ripped out and then a familiar voice telling me that I love tough things. Coming home, that has been my motivator to do things that I don’t mental think I can do. Mentally, the Savior has helped me over come the struggles in my mind of insecurities, regret, and fears. The Savior is there to remind me that I can do the tough things that I don’t feel that I can do.

Moving to Provo, UT has been greatest blessing and I never thought I would say that. I live with three amazing men of God that teach me daily what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I can see through their examples how to Love God and Jesus Christ so much more. They have looked past my faults and challenge me to be a better person. They have helped me over come my addiction to the word hell and all the bad days that have come from heart break, bad break ups, terrible test days, and to not getting an internship of a life time. They continue to pick me up and help me be a better man.

Provo has given the Provo City Center Temple. This temple, though not dedicated, has been the biggest blessing me. I live five blocks away and makes me so happy every day. It has given me a deeper prospective of an eternal life and its where my soul feels the happiest. Its where I escape the world and remember the importance of all things in life. This temple has helped me to think of Jesus on such a different level that I can’t help but thank him for all that he has done.


The past year has been a rollercoaster but as I continue to move forward I know that my Savior will be there for all aspects. I am so grateful for the amazing people that I have met this year to help me on this path of coming to the world and moving forward. At first, I was very hesitant on adapting but as I sit here in my Gator hat, I am very glad that I have. I am glad that I have had the experiences that I have had this past year from the heart aches, to the new loves, to new adventures, to the many new mountains that I climb daily. Though I miss Florida and Georgia deeply, I am glad for this new phase in my life and the person that I continue to grow to be. I love the Tough Things that I have overcame and face head one with my Savior there to help me.


Change for the better (Goodbye Arlington, Hello Hendricks)

In life, there are times where things seem so final. Where we come to the end of a project and it is done. For example, high school graduation. After one walks across that stage and throws their hat in the air, it is done. There will never be that opportunity again. A feeling of completion takes hold and one knows that he or she will never be walking through those doors again with the same purpose or feel. A new change begins as that individual takes on the challenges that life brings to them. As a missionary, I have experienced this feeling of completion multiple times. Recently, I was transferred out of Arlington to Hendricks Ave. As change as taken place, the feeling of finalization took place as I closed a stage of my life. I am grateful for the blessing that I received to be a part of such an amazing place. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to what was my life for a period of time. However, I move forward in faith as I know this change is for the better. Change is essential for our progression. We can not grow if we do not have change. With each new phase, we get the opportunity to grow. We learn new insights about ourselves that we never thought we could know. More importantly, change allows us to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. As we put our trust in him, we get to see the purpose in all things. We get a glimpse of divine purpose, of who we really are.

In my early college days, I use to reject change. I use to hate the thought of new things. I was happy with the way things were and yet I was content. However, I realized that change was needed. I was holding myself back from getting to experience the fullness that change brings with it. Now, I love change. I love the things that change brings with it. It’s like a fresh start each time. Change came to me at a time that I needed it the most. As I move forward in this new area with a new companion, I realize I don’t know what is going to be brought my way. I don’t know what good or bad experiences are in store for me. However, I do know that the Lord has a purpose. That there is a reason for this change. I trust my Heavenly Father will be there with me every step of the way. I embrace this change and hope for the adventures. I look forward to the struggles that will present themselves to me, to help me become a better disciple of Jesus Christ, now and forever. As we go forward in faith, we must accept the change that is given to us. We must acknowledge the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and continue to hold fast to the trust we have in. All things are possible through the Lord. Embrace the change that comes your way.

Will you grab his hand?


Have you ever taken the time to just stop everything in life and just look into the Savior’s eyes? To stop from all the distractions in life, turn off the TV, mute the Ipod, and gaze into the eyes of Jesus Christ. I woke up this morning, and started my personal study doing this. I looked into a picture of Jesus Christ and just pondered. I pondered on what his face would be like if he looked at me. I imagine he would have the most loving face on him. He would stare into my eyes and see me for who I am and not how others view me. He will have the earnest look as he tells me that he loves me. Then, he would take the time to help me improve my life so that I can fully take his hand and take his invitation to have eternal life with him. Then will extend his hand and wait for me to grab hold.

Jesus Christ is our savior that loves each of us. He suffered and died for each of us so that we could have the chance to come unto him and partake of eternal life. He is reason why we are here and the reason why we can have eternal life. Like a friend, we each need to take the opportunity to build a relationship with. He is extending his hand to each of us. As we come unto his gospel and live the commandments, we are grabbing hold of that hand. He wants each of us to grab hold of it. We show our love back for him by keeping the commandments that he has given us.

I know that Jesus Christ died for each of us. I know that he is the reason for all of my happiness and joy in this life. I know that as come unto him, we will find true success in this life. Christ is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I never want to loose hold of his hand because I know what is like to not have it. As we go through the trials of life, we have to grab holder to his hand so that we don’t loose it.  As turn to Christ, you will have what you need in this life. He is the best love that you will ever find in this life. His love is there for everyone that is willing to extended their hand back.

Will you grab hold of his hand?


Deserved Love



God is always there to help guide and direct you. God is the only person that wont tell you that you are not good enough for anything. He loves and you are are always worthy of his grace. Jesus Christ died for us so that we can have the opportunity to repent of the sins that we have committed.  When we repent, we are forgiven! Through the Savior, we can feel the Father’s love for us and we can feel that we really do matter. 

Fly Away


I have troubles with letting people in. I always have. I figured that
it’s best not to let people in. Mainly because of my past. I am the most open person but when it
comes to my personal life, I’m guarded. I figure that I always have to
be a strong person cause that’s what everyone sees me as. In my mind,
I have to be the one that helps others and not myself. I’ve come to
realize though, problems don’t go away. They stay there and continue
to haunt you. They are always there just waiting for you to be smacked
in the face with them. These over piling of problems cause stress,
depression, and disappointment. However, letting go is a freeing
expression. The Savior, Jesus Christ, is there to help us let go. With
the Savior’s help, our problems can be like a balloon going into the
sky. Free, careless, and gone! There is no more joy than being
able to have these burdens lifted off of us. All we have to do is ask.
We have seek the guidance from our Heavenly Father through prayer. As
we ask, we are putting our faith and trust in The Lord. Then we can
come to find true joy in our life. We will come to learn that we are
never alone. There is always someone who will be there in those times
where the burdens get too heavy to carry. Then like a balloon, we will
fly away.

Fresh Start


5……4……3……2….1……HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Whoa Who!!!!

New Year’s is approaching us soon. Its literally just a few days away. I love the New Year because it allows for us to make a new fresh start. It allows for us to make change in our life. For those that go to the gym regular, its a time we grow to hate because so many people decided that they want to loose weight or get their life to healthier start. New Year’s is a time where we make a goal for 365 days in hope of keeping it. It always seems that we get going to good start then come March, we have begun to forget it happened and come December we forgot we decided to make a new life style for us. It seems that when we make a New Year’s resolution that are only for the state that we are in. It seems we never take the time to make a spiritual change in us. We fail to see the aspect that matters the most. For the year of 2013, I made the goal of becoming more spiritual and growing closer to my Heavenly Father. I can say that I was successful in do so as I accepted my mission call on Jan 5th in which I found out that I would be going the Florida Jacksonville Mission on March 6th. What a ride this past year has been. How amazing it has been for me to grow closer to my Lord and Savior. Making this change, was hard at first, but the great thing about change is that in three weeks, it becomes a life style. With the New Year approaching, I have made the choice to dedicate myself to the Lord more. I will be making myself grow more spiritually by allotting time to pray multiple times in the day and studying the scriptures more too.  The quest for the year 2014, for me, is to find how I can serve my Heavenly Father better. How I can be more of aid for him in his work. I have made the choice to help my spirituality grow deeper in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we go about making change in the year 2014, ask yourself, how will I grow more closer to my Lord and Savior? Are you willing to grow closer to him?