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Worthy Not Perfect

The need to be perfect in all aspects of my life is a major problem that I have. My competitive nature doesn’t help either but instead adds to having to be perfect and better than those around me. On my mission, I came to realize that this was a bad thing, especially when comparing to myself. My mission president, President Paul Craig, use to always tell me to stop beating myself up for falling short from being perfect. We spent a large amount of time over coming my perfection and realizing that I am going to fall short from the grace of God. He taught me that the Savior Jesus Christ would be the one to help make up the difference of my imperfection. Though it makes sense and something I always want to do, it is the hardest thing for me to do. It’s hard for me not to beat myself daily or weekly for not being perfect. There is always something that I should have done better and something that keeps me from being perfect.

Lately, I’ve been taking an institute class at UVU in which Brother Longmoore teaches us daily to give it all to Christ. Last week he taught us ways to allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us and to trust in the Lord’s grace. Brother Longmoore has been truly inspired as a teacher because I’ve realized that it’s a terrible thing to beat ourselves up for living the gospel. He tells us that the good news should be enjoyable and we should get credit for the great things we do. Last week, he taught us that sin is not sin. Sin is just a mistake and a chance to learn, grow, and become a better person. It’s an opportunity to come closer to our Savior and Father in Heaven.

Going into General Conference this past weekend, I wanted to know how to not beat myself up daily anymore. I wanted to know how I could trust in the Lord more and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ more in my life. (Side note, this conference was a special one for me as I got to attend it in the flesh for the first time!) However, conference taught me that it is ok not to be perfect. God still loves us for not being perfect. He is proud of the progress we make daily and he is there at all times. He is grateful that we want to be better and have him in our lives.


Elder Gong of the seventy taught that being worthy is not perfect. Rather being worthy is striving daily to keep the covenants we made with the Lord. Being worthy is willing to change and allow the Savior to be apart of our change. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for the mistakes we make like I do. So the past few week have been eye-opening to me. Its going to be hard but rather than tearing myself apart each night and Sunday, I’m going to work on forgiving myself and letting the Savior take over my insecurities. I’m going to work on my problems and let others help me more. I have a strong desire to be better person to myself and those around me. I might not be perfect but thats ok. I have a God who knows and loves me. I have a Savior who died for my sins and is there to hold me up and wrap his arms around me. I have an amazing family who loves me and looks past my faults. I have so many amazing leaders that teach me ways to be better. I have the best roommates who help me laugh at life’s ups and downs. I have so many great friends who teach me through their examples of what it is like to be disciples of Christ. Moving forward, life is going to be good and in time, I will overcome my shortcommings. Yoked with the Savior, I will be perfect one day.

For Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s full talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04/media/session_5_talk_4/4829550348001?lang=eng





Build On A Firm Foundation


We need to build your lives on a sure foundation. Like a house, we need to build our temples on a foundation that will support us and keep us steady. If we build upon Christ, we will never fall. We will be able to stand strong when temptations and storms come upon us to knock us off our course. When we build our foundation on Christ, its is as if we are building our life on an rock. The rock will not move and will strong. However, when we don’t build on a rock, it is as if we are building our life upon sand. If we build on this foundation, when the winds, rains, and storms come our way, we won’t be able stay upright. Instead, it will be washed away. I know that if we build our life on Christ, we will stand strong, tall, and will not be moved!

And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation (Helaman 5:12)

Spiritual Taps

It’s almost spring time. How I love spring time. As February approaches, I am reminded of countless efforts put into running. February is always the start of a new season. Countless days of working hard into workouts all for the rush of being able to line up on the line, to have my heart flutter till a gun is sounded and then I am off to race across a glorious track. It’s almost track season and it is by far my most favorite time of the year. I can still smell the beautiful smell of the track or a fresh pair of new Nike spikes. Even the gross smell of salt from runs that have taken too long. Time after time, I am reminded of what makes me who I am. Every morning, here in Arlington, I see people out running. Every morning, I am reminded of my passion of life. How I yearn to have that ability. How I just want the chance to do it all over again. To get the opportunity to have it all back. However, every morning I am reminded that those days are gone. That I won’t get to compete again. I am reminded of how it all came to a stop in the blink of an eye. January reminds me of how two years ago I sat in a doctors office being told that I would never get the chance to run the way I wanted to anymore. How I would have to learn how to adjust to a new life style. There are days where I don’t feel that my body is really mine. There are days where I just want to get to a new one. Where I am sick and tired of waking up in pain. I just want it all to stop. I want to still have my active life back and not be afraid to run around for a long period of times. Those days are tough but then I am spiritually confirmed of reasons why I am given this trial. My spirit taps my soul to tell me of spiritual strength I have been given. I am reminded that our Father in Heaven will never gives us a trial that is too hard to bare. Those spiritual confirmations help give me the strength to press on. They give me the strength to laugh through the hard times. My spirit helps to look at spring time with much anticipation that this next season will be alright. Each morning that I wake up that I don’t feel that I can do it no longer, I am given strength through Jesus Christ. This atonement is one that I am contently having to draw strength to continue on. To help me put my head up high and place a smile on my face.    

“The Lord gives us ways to help remember Him and His sustaining powers. One way is through that common lot we all share–adversity (see Alma 32:6). As I look back at the trials I have faced, it is clear that they have resulted in my growth, understanding, and empathy. They have drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father and His Son with experiences and refining engraved into my heart.”(Drawing Closer to God, Elder Terence M. Vinson)


Tactfully Made


We don’t like trials. We never like when things get tough or hard for us. However, the tough times help shape us into the person that we are.  They allow for us to learn and grow. Heavenly Father gives us trials for our benefits. The trials that we are given are to help us become the people that we need to become. If we look at trials from an eternal perspective, we can see that the trials that we are given are to help us in what we are to become. If we look at trials as a way of becoming who we are, we can build a stronger trust for our Heavenly Father and we can make it through them with help.

God Is There


There are times where everything seems to be going wrong. That nothing works out the way that we want it to. The phrase that comes to mind is that “When it rains, its pours” and it becomes a downward cycle. Everything falls through and we just don’t know that is going on in life. However, there is someone that we can always count on. We have a loving Heavenly Father that will be there to help us through all the trials that we face in life. Even if we feel that we have no one in life to be there or that we cant count on any one, there is always someone there that will be there for us. So if at times you feel that you only have God on your side, then you are doing good. All you need is your Heavenly father to be there for you. Our Heavenly Father is the only approval we need in our life. As we turn to him, he will help us through whatever problems we have. The Lord is there to help get through the rough times.



Endurance of Love


There are times in life when we feel that the trails we are going through just never seem to end. It seems that we are just going from one thing to next and the load just never seems to loosen. At times we feel “why me?” There is just never a brake on what we are going through. However, there can be happiness to help us endure the things that we are going through. As we turn our faith to the Lord, he will help us achieve the things that we need to. The load we bare can be lightened as allow for the Savior to help us. Recently, on my mission, it has seemed to one thing after another. I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as I work hard. I’ve been obedient to following the rules, I have worked diligently, and I have have put my faith and trust in the Lord. And yet, there just doesn’t seem to be success. However, I have learned to alter my view point. There are miracles happening everyday. The Savior has been hearing my prayers and I have felt his love as I pour my heart to him. The trials that we endure will make us strong people. The trials allow for our testimonies to be stronger and increase. All we need to do is Endure Through Hardships!  

Love for Ronan

This week I have been doing a lot studying about the joy that can come from children and even the joy that come from the Plan of Salvation. This is the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for us that answers the questions of Why we are here?, Where we are going?, and Where we came from?. I was reading in the October 2013 Ensign, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints magazine, there is an article about a family who had a child that died right after being born. It made me think of a popular song, Ronan by Taylor Swift. This is a song about a child that dies after just being four years old. Swift sings about the struggles that come through from losing a child. When this song came out, I searched about the little kid and found that his mother has a blog in which she wrote to help her with the struggles. After reading the Ensign this month, I couldn’t help but think how hard it would be to have a child die. I have never had a child but I have watched my grandparents struggle with hardship when my Uncle died in Iraq in 2004. Watching my grandparents, I have seen how a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation has helped have more joy. This plan shows how much our Heavenly Father loves us. He loves so much that he wants us to return to live with him again. He wants us to have happiness in this life. I love that our families can have the opportunity to live together forever. That we will have the chance to see our families again.The article ends by showing that as we turn to our Heavenly Father for help in these difficult times, then we can have strength and happiness that will help us cope with the loss of a loved one. The loss of a child is something  that I hope no one has to go through.


By Taylor Swift

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I remember your little laugh
Race cars on the kitchen floor, plastic dinosaurs
I love you to the moon and back

I remember your blue eyes looking into mine
Like we had our own secret club
I remember you dancing before bed time
Then jumping on me, waking me up

I can still feel you hold my hand, little man
And even the moment I knew
You fought it hard like an army guy
Remember I leaned in and whispered to you

Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember the drive home
When the blind hope turned to crying and screaming “Why?”
Flowers pile up in the worst way, no one knows what to say
About a beautiful boy who died

And it’s about to be halloween
You could be anything you wanted if you were still here
I remember the last day when I kissed your face
I whispered in your ear

Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away from here
Out of this curtain room and this hospital grey, we’ll just disappear
Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

What if I’m standing in your closet trying to talk to you?
What if I kept the hand-me-downs you won’t grow into?
And what if I really thought some miracle would see us through?
What if the miracle was even getting one moment with you?

Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away from here
Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I love you to the moon and back


(Ronan Thompson)