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The Good Life

After heartbreak, regret, disappointment, grief, and or anger welcomes themselves into my life, its natural for me to shut the world out. I personally find myself shutting the world out and not letting anyone find me. People ask me what I do and where I go when I shut the world out. The truth is, I find myself devoting myself more to my studies, running, work, and my relationship with God (not in that particular order either). I usually spend more hours than usual in the Temple, at least forty hours in the library for the week, harder focus at work, and bust it in the gym for large period of times. I find that shutting the outside world out helps me to focus on what matters the most and lets me hide a bit from my problems. It also gives me the chance to think. Being alone is something that I actually enjoy, which people find hard to believe. Being alone is a very comforting thing for me. Being alone lets me regroup my thoughts and then decide what I want to do to move forward. I like things to be quiet and peaceful. I find that the outside world is rather loud and I can’t always be the person that I want to be. So I retreat to the places where I don’t have to be around people. I justify in my mind that if I’m in places where people can’t be with me, then I don’t have talk to people. Many people don’t believe when I tell them that I am extremely introverted person but I am. I like to exclude the world and be alone.

Around the end of August/ beginning of September, I began shutting the outside world out again. I purposely didn’t answer phone calls or didn’t turn my phone on for long periods of time. I’ve hid in the Provo City Center Temple and the library. I’ve hid in the mountains near my house as I’ve gone for long runs or adventures with my roommates. I’ve only allowed my roommates and select few individuals to see me and know about my whereabouts. I’ve kept myself grounded and in my house. Its been really peaceful to not to see people. I’ve turned to my Father in Heaven for much guidance and light. In these moments, I’ve come to really feel the love that God has for me. I’ve felt his peace and healing power to help me in a time of much struggle.

Lately, I’ve been allowing myself to branch out and set social goals (yes, I have to set goals to interact with other individuals). I’ve begun to meet people in my ward, see people from my mission, and grow closer with my roommates. I’ve set goals to buckle down and get things done during the week so I could have the chance to interact with others on my weekends. Moving forward isn’t always the easiest thing for me but its something that must be done.

The past two weekends have been ones where I’ve had moments where I’ve had chances to reflect on things in the most random times. First, I went to Moab with my roommates and while sitting in-between two arches, I realized that that the Lord has really guided me to live with amazing men of God who help me in so many ways. They are so patient with me and understand when to back off and when to ask inspired questions for my progression. They don’t push me but rather are there for guidance and support. They bring much needed laughter and love at critical times. They see me for who I can be and help lift me to that person.


Then this weekend, I ran a half marathon with two amazing people from my mission. One of which I was able to run 12 of the 13.1 miles together talking. This was the first time I was social in a race and it was so needed. Being able to just talk about anything and everything was nice. However, it was after the race when I was invited to attend a OneRepublic concert with my best friend and his family that I realized much more. There was a moment halfway through this concert that I realized that God has really given me exactly what I need in life. He is so aware of who I am and who I need to get through the hardest of things. He has placed amazing people in my life that know exactly how to deal with my situations. He has given so much in times of need that I can’t help but be grateful.

I really do have a good life. A life that I couldn’t even dream of. I have much to be happy for. Moving forward into the future is something I’m excited for. I truly love all that has been given to me and the chance to regroup and figure my next steps in life. I look forward to being social again. To letting the world see me again. Though life is hard its not bad but rather good.






Never Give Up


There will be times in our lives where we will feel that what we are doing is not enough. We will feel that when we have tried all that we can that it is not enough. We will feel that what we are doing is a waste and we will want to quit in the middle of all things. These tactics are ways that Satan will make us feel. He doesn’t want us to see the success that we are yielding and he doesn’t want us to continue with the good work that we are doing. However, when those moments happen, we have to tell ourselves to push through it. To fight just a bit harder, to then dig a little bit deeper,  and then we will see that the Lord is there for us. We will see at the end of the tunnel there is light and true happiness will be found.  

Love for the Single Mother



Throughout our life, I feel that we get overwhelmed and we don’t have anyone there that will help us. We work ourselves to the bone and it becomes to much to handle. Growing up, I had a single mother for the longest times. As a child, I didn’t understand all the things that she had to go through. All the responsibilities that she had to do weren’t apparent to me till I actually grew up and had to do things all on my own. I have so much respect for my single mother because she really had to do everything!! She had to worry about all of our bills were paid, taking us to all the sporting events, and then making sure the house was always clean with a meal on the table on top of working two jobs. However, I think the reason that she was was able to do so much was because our family has something else working with us, Jesus Christ. Growing up, my mother was a strong supporter in making sure that all of her children were in church. She made sure that religion was a large part of our upbringing. She had to relay on the Lord in more ways than one to make sure that everything was accomplished for us. Being on my mission, I have grown to have a larger appreciation for my mother now that I have been teaching more single mothers.  One of my favorite families was in my first area and I was blessed to have the opportunity to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ has affected their family. Sister Owens is a remarkable women who have been raising five children and has done a great job in having the Lord in apart of their upbringing. When I met Sister Owens, things in their family was just beginning to be hectic for them as her children were all going into different paths.  As  the gospel of Jesus Christ came into their life, I was able to sit back and watch how their family has grown so much closer and more connected with their Heavenly Father.  I have so much respect and admiration for Sister Owens because each day she just tries to do everything for all of her kids and on top of it, she taking care of her mother too. The gospel of Jesus Christ has given them so many different blessing but I feel the biggest blessing is that her Heavenly Father is helping her take care of her children. She has the help from the greatest power of all time. Like my mother and Sister Owen, there are times for single parents were times are more stressful than ever. There are times where single parents don’t know how everything is going to pan out and all they want is for the house to be clean more than a day. A single mom wants peace and to get everything accomplished. However, I know that our Heavenly Father is always there to help those that need it. There is never a trial to hard for us as we turn to the Lord for his help.  As we go through the trail with faith, we will have more happiness when get the blessing.

Lonely Love

There are times in our life that we feel that we are the only ones out there. We feel that we are the only ones next to us on our path. However, we never are. In my life, I have found it difficult at times to realize this factor.  When we turn to the Lord, we can find strength that there is someone out there for us. There is someone walking the path with us. As a junior in college, I found my self depressed. I had hit a bottom low for my self esteem and I struggled to see how I could deal with everything. I went to my doctor and she put me on an anti-depressant, which soon became known as my happy pills. At this time in my life, I was a full time athlete, I was working 30 hours a week, and I was a full time biology student. My plate was a little too full. I had put my self in a depression from too much stress. I struggled to feel accepted and just was angry for many reasons. However, I was never alone. My savior, Jesus Christ, was always there for me. He was there to help me and I as turned to him, I was able to find strength. I was able to see the benefits and blessing that come from my Savior. I love how the Bible tells us that all we need to do is Knock! He will open the door to us every time. The Lord will never reject who we are. The thing that got me out my depression was prayer. I prayed to him and asked for his help. I wanted to feel happy again and I wanted to know that I didn’t need to depend on a pill to do that for me. Truth be told, while I was on my pills, I never fully felt happy. My emotions were different than my thoughts. I needed help from Savior to feel happy. It was a work in progress but I had to learn how to relay on Jesus to find that happiness again in my life.In the Book Of Mormon, the end of 2 Nephi, there many references to how the Savior has his arms open to us at all times, no matter what we do. Our Savior loves us and all we need to do is turn to him.